Faculty members in UF’s College of Journalism and Communications have a strong history of conducting and publishing research, both theoretical and practical, in journalism and communications fields.  These efforts continue to elevate the exceptional reputation of the College that their predecessors built over the decades.

The College has had 14 faculty members receive the UF Research Foundation Professorship, a prestigious award which goes to UF faculty members who have a distinguished record of research and a strong research agenda that is likely to lead to continuing distinction in their fields.

UF Research Foundation Professors

1998 Debbie Treise
2000 Linda Hon
2001 James Babanikos
2002 Sylvia Chan-Olmsted
2003 Sandra Dickson
2004 Bernell Tripp
2005 John Kaplan
2006 Laurence Alexander
2007 Lynda Lee Kaid
2008 Kim Walsh-Childers
2009 Spiro Kiousis
2010 Juan-Carlos Molleda
2011 Cory Armstrong
2012 Ron Rodgers
2013 Sylvia Chan-Olmsted
2014 Amy Jo Coffey

The level of faculty productivity in the College of Journalism and Communications during the past six years has increased significantly. College faculty have produced more refereed conference paper presentations as well as publications.

Specifically, the faculty presented 306 refereed conference papers and published 344 refereed articles, book chapters, monographs, and books in the last six years, averaging 51 refereed paper presentations and 57 publications per year. The increase in scholarship activities is likely the result of the College’s efforts in developing research support programs/infrastructures and clearly defined scholarly/creative activities expectations.

The College has consistently had the highest number of refereed papers accepted for presentation at the AEJMC national conference from among its peer institutions. The record is again indicative of the high productivity level of the College’s faculty and graduate students.