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Michael F. Weigold, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs and Enrollment Management - Professional Advising and Teaching Hub
Professor - Department of Advertising
O 1060 Weimer P 352-392-1124 E
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Kara Page

Associate Director of Distance Education
O 1060K Weimer P 352-294-1558 E
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Jennifer Ford

Distance Education Marketing and Communications Director
O 1060J Weimer P 352-294-7234 E
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Tiffany Robbert

Student Services Coordinator - Distance Education
O 1060 Weimer P 352-273-1486 E
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Andrew Selepak, Ph.D.

Director - Master's program with specialization in Social Media
Lecturer - Department of Telecommunication
O 3053 Weimer P 352-294-0879 E
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Tiffany Trujillo

Enrollment Coordinator - Distance Education
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