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Andrew Selepak, Ph.D.

Instructional Assistant Professor - Department of Media Production, Management, and Technology

Office: 3053 Weimer Phone: 352-294-0879 Email: Connect:

Areas of Expertise

Audience/Consumer Insights, Pop Culture, Social Media


Ph.D., Mass Communications, University of Florida
M.A., Communications, George Mason University
B.A., American History, University of Virginia



Selepak, A. G. (2018). Exploring anti-science attitudes among political and Christian conservatives through an examination of American universities on Twitter. Cogent Social Sciences, 4(1).

Selepak, A.G., & Cain, J. (2015). Manufacturing white criminals: Depictions of criminality and violence on Law & Order. Cogent Social Sciences, 1(1).

Martinez Jr., B. A., & Selepak, A. (2014). The sound of hate: Exploring the use of hate core song lyrics as a recruiting strategy by the White Power Movement. Intercom-Revista Brasileira de Ciências da Comunicação, 37(2), 153-175.

Martinez Jr., B. A., & Selepak, A. (2013). Power and violence in Angry Aryans song lyrics: A racist skinhead communication strategy to recruit and shape a collective identity in the White Power Movement. Comunicação & Sociedade, 35(1), 153-180.

Selepak, A., & Sutherland, J. (2012). The Ku Klux Klan, conservative politics and religion: Taking extremism to the political mainstream. Politics, Religion, & Ideology, 13(1), 75-98.

Selepak, A. (2010). Skinhead Super Mario Brothers: An examination of racist and violent games on White Supremacist Web Sites. Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, 17(1), 1-47.