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About the Knight Division

The Knight Division is responsible for coordinating the college’s undergraduate scholarship programs and inclusive student initiatives, including the recruitment and retention of students from underrepresented groups.


In 1988, the College received a five-year grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to increase the number of Black students in journalism and newspaper advertising. The office was first named the Minority Scholarship Program (MSP) with Bettye Grable as the first director. In January 1989 Bettye resigned and Charles Harris was hired.

In 1992, College met all goals for original grant, including increasing Black students in both the advertising and journalism majors. The Knight Foundation extended the grant two additional years and in 1994, based on the success of MSP, established a $900,000 endowment to recruit, and graduate underrepresented students in journalism and telecommunication.

In 1995, the Minority Scholarship Program and the Colleges’ Scholarship and Placement Center were merged, creating the Knight Division for Scholarships, Career Services and Multicultural Affairs.

After 25 years of service as the director of the Knight Division, Mr. Charles Harris retired.  Dr. Katrice Graham, a Knight Division Scholarship alumna, was hired as his successor in March of 2014.  The Knight Division was relocated to the newly renovated Professional Advising and Teaching Hub in Weimer Hall room 1060.

In July of 2020, the Knight Division underwent a name change, becoming the Knight Division for Scholarships and Student Inclusion. Career Services shifted to the new Office of Careers and Corporate Partnerships, freeing Knight Division to offer more in depth student support, data analysis, and programming centered on maximizing every CJC student’s development and success.


The Knight Division has evolved to include additional services such as:

  • The Knight Division Digest (weekly E-newsletter)
  • Positioning All Transfers Highly for Success (PATHS transfer success program)
  • CJC Student Diversity Task Force
  • Underrepresented Student Recruitment
  • A web based job and internship board
  • Coordination of 2 College of Journalism and Communications Student Involvement Days
  • General and Internship Scholarship Programs Management
  • Student Crisis Support
  • Knight Talks  (student talk show interviewing diverse industry leaders)
  • Created, administers, and analyzes required  CJC Graduation Survey
  • Summer Media Institute scholarship sponsorship
  • Facebook page

Contact Information

Katrice Graham, Ed.D.

Alex Wilkerson
Alexandria Wilkerson
Academic Program Specialist II

Graduate Assistants

Jessica Fullerton
Jessica Fullerton

Student Assistants

Zoe Brand
Zoe Brand
Jennifer Lena
Jennifer Lena

Knight Division for Scholarships and Student Inclusion
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