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David H. Ostroff, Ph.D.

Professor - Department of Media Production, Management, and Technology

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David Ostroff has served as Media Production, Management, and Technology Department chair (formerly Telecommunication Department) since 2003, and before that was the graduate coordinator for nine years. The undergraduate courses that he usually teaches include World Communication Systems, and New Media Systems. At the graduate level, he teaches International Communication, and Telecommunication Outlets and Systems.

Dr. Ostroff joined the faculty at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, in 1979, and UF’s Telecommunication faculty in 1985. He has lectured at universities in Belgium and The Netherlands. He has conducted extended research in Europe, focusing on European Union media policies towards emerging technologies.

He is the author of more than fifty scholarly articles, papers and book chapters and is co-author, with Les Smith and John Wright, of Perspectives on Radio and Television, 4th ed., Laurence Erlbaum Associates, 1998, and The Uses of Video in Organizations: An Annotated Bibliography, with Arnall Downs and Pamela Franklin. Dr. Ostroff has a BA and MA from Fresno State, and his professional experience includes full-time positions as an instructional media specialist, and a cable television marketing director.

Areas of Expertise

Communication Technology, International and Intercultural Communication, Media/Journalism History


Ph.D., Ohio University




Dr. Ostroff’s research explains and describes the historical and contemporary telecommunications policy process, with a particular focus on the external environment, and the efforts of participants in the policy system to deal with emerging technologies. In recent years he has added attention to policy activities in the European Union and its member states.

Research Keywords

Media Policy, Technology History, International communication issues

Research Areas

  • Media Management, Economics, and Policy


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