Advertising Adjunct Faculty

Frank Anthony Barnas

Ethics & Problems in Mass Communication

Frank Barnas is a three-time Fulbright recipient who has authored six textbooks, seven screenplays, and worked on documentaries in locations ranging from Antarctica to Russia.

When he isn’t teaching, he hikes the Appalachian Trail, attends flight school, and produces the Voca Vacay travel podcast with his wife Marie.

Aqsa Bashir

Digital Insights (ADV 3500)
International Advertising (ADV 4400)

Aqsa Bashir is a Ph.D. graduate from the College of Journalism and Communications, University of Florida. Bashir’s area of research includes health communication and emotional response to advertising. Her dissertation focused on informing and educating Vietnam War veterans of a rare bile duct cancer that has been linked to their deployment in East Asia. Bashir’s research in health communication, advertising, and emotional responses to advertising messages has led to award-winning papers at The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) since 2016 and publication in the Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising. Bashir is adept in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. She specializes in survey research design, focus groups, and in-depth interviews.

Larry Bodkin

Larry BodkinLarry Bodkin, Ph.D. is a communication educator and consultant with over 30 years of successful work experience in both the post-secondary education and private sectors.  Larry is currently serving as university adjunct faculty on both the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as serving as a research consultant to several Florida-based market research firms.

Dr. Bodkin received his Bachelor of Science (1986), Master of Science (1993) and Doctor of Philosophy (2017) degrees in Communication Theory and Research from Florida State University (FSU). While pursuing his research interests in individual and group influences within organizations, dynamics of sales effectiveness, and individual influences on public speaking effectiveness, Larry taught undergraduate classes in public speaking, advertising, public relations, general media, interpersonal, media literacy, media ethics, communication theory, strategic communication and creative writing. Larry also has taught business courses as well, including general marketing and introductory and advanced sales courses, in addition to providing general counseling and academic advising to students.

Dr. Bodkin also has amassed a great deal of practical, real-world experience in executive and managerial positions with various non-profit organizations, providing management and/or consulting services for over 20 international, national and state non-profit organizations. Larry also has worked as a research consultant in public opinion research and consumer satisfaction surveying.  Larry believes that this lived experience is crucial in order to provide real world examples for his students and clients.

Kelley Gudahl

Copy & Visualization (ADV 4101)

Kelley is a skilled marketing leader with extensive experience in product marketing, branding, marketing strategy, social strategy, content creation, event production, influencer and talent management, and team development and growth.

Robert J. Hughes

Advertising Strategy (ADV 3001)
Branding (ADV 3403)
Special Study in Advertising: Branding & Social Media (ADV 4930)

Bob Hughes is an adjunct lecturer for the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. Leading graduate and undergraduate courses in Strategic Communication, Branding and Social Media, Advertising Strategy, Consumer Analytics, and Introduction to Media. He also leads the Social Media/Strategic Communications Combined Capstone.

Hyojin Kim

Digital Insights (ADV 3500)

Dr. Hyojin Kim earned her Ph.D. in advertising at the University of Texas at Austin. She also holds a MHS degree in International Health/Applied Medical Anthropology from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a BA degree in English Language and Literature from Ewha Womans University. She has been a faculty in the UF department of advertising since 2005.

Dr. Kim teaches Digital Insights, Ethics and Problems in Mass Communications, and International Advertising. Her research areas include celebrity advertising, branding, pharmaceutical marketing, and health communication strategies. Her work has been published in Health Communication, Human Communication Research, Journal of Consumer Affairs, Health Marketing Quarterly, and Journal of Medical Marketing, among others. Her research was funded by the American Academy of Advertising, The University of Texas at Austin, and UF College of Journalism and Communications.

Megan Mallicoat

Ethics & Problems in Mass Communication (MMC 3203)

Founder of Katartizo Collective, LLC, Megan received her Ph.D. from the University of Florida and teaches MMC 3203 (Ethics and Problems in Mass Communication) in the Advertising department.

Thomas (Tommy) Nolen

Preparing Your Pitch (ADV 3920C)

Tommy is an entrepreneur and global media executive who spent over 25 years in the advertising industry both pitching and leading the media for some of the largest marketers in the world.  Tommy spent 8 years of his career working in Latin America and 6 years leading Business Development for one of the largest global media agencies.  During his career, Tommy has either led or been a part of teams in over 100 pitches across the world who’s wins have totaled well over $6 billion dollars in billings.  Four years ago, Tommy co-founded a marketing and sales consultancy, The RoundTrip Group, that helps industry institutions “sell-in and sell-through” their products and ideas more effectively. Tommy brings not only his real-life experiences, but also those of other industry executives, to teach students how to pitch their ideas more effectively.

Robert Padovano

Advertising Sales (ADV 3502, ADV 4302)
Great Ideas in Marketplace Communications (ADV 4302)
Robert Padovano | LinkedIn

Robert Padovano has been an adjunct lecturer with the Advertising Department since 2012, where he has passionately shared his wealth of expertise with students. Beyond his role in advertising courses, he has also been a guiding for students in developing essential communication skills as an instructor for Introduction to Public Speaking.

As the coordinator for the Media Sales Certificate, Padovano has played a pivotal role in shaping the academic journeys of countless students interested in a media sales career. He organizes and hosts Media Sales Day, an event that provides students with skills-based workshops and valuable networking opportunities with media professionals. He has also dedicated the past nine summers as a Preview Advisor to freshmen embarking on their UF experiences.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Master’s in Urban Affairs from Queens College, City University of New York, Padovano brings a rich educational background to his role. Before entering academia, he gained valuable experience across diverse industries in New York City, including publishing, non-profit, internet technology, and commercial real estate. His multifaceted professional journey includes roles such as business manager at Scientific American Magazine, advertising coordinator, and local media sales representative at Stagebill Media, accounts receivable supervisor at Elite Traveler Magazine, and financial supervisor for the World Trade Center Association. These experiences have equipped him with a comprehensive skill set and deep insights into the realm of advertising.

In 2022, Padovano was recognized with the College’s Adjunct Lecturer of the Year. He is a firm believer in fostering a collaborative learning environment, encouraging students to explore their creativity and develop critical thinking skills in the fields of advertising and marketing.

Beyond academia, Padovano finds joy in spending time with his family, indulging in his passion for playing the guitar, playing basketball, immersing himself in reading, and sharing his thoughts through blogging.

Kara Lowe Page

Principles of Advertising (ADV 3008)

Kara Lowe Page is an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Florida. She primarily teaches the digital imagery and capstone courses for the distance web design master’s program, but occasionally teaches undergraduate advertising courses as well such as Copy and Visualization. In her digital imagery course, Kara teaches students about the importance of digital imagery in communication and helps students enhance their graphic design skills through Adobe Photoshop. In the capstone course, Kara teaches students how to work with teammates to create a comprehensive communications campaign with a fully functioning website for a real client. Kara is the advisor to Ad Society in addition to her teaching responsibilities.

Bryan Andrew Ruiz

Cross Media Selling (ADV 3303)

Bryan has been a digital marketing consultant for over 15 years. He has experience in digital media planning and strategy that includes analysis, audience deep dives and pulling together formats based on KPIs. He has worked with clients like Madbury Road to increase conversions by over 300%.

Juan Segui

Special Study in Advertising: Game Changing Ideas

Juan Segui is a Creative & Art Director, with more than 25 years of experience in Europe and America with several recognitions in national & international
market and Central-South America. He lives between Miami, Madrid & Brussels, He’s vegan, has two kids and his wife works as Flight attendant… so at this point everything makes sense for him.

Michael Stone

Ethics & Problems in Mass Communication

Michael Stone is a journalist and photographer focusing now primarily on health care, technology and history, especially World War II, but who has covered just about any and every subject. He has worked for several different print and online publications as a freelancer and as a full-time writer, reporter and editor. Since 2013, he has taught undergraduate courses at the University of Florida, including Problems and Ethics in Journalism, Multimedia Reporting, Multimedia Writing, Writing Mechanics and News Center Practicum, which has Michael serving as an NPR/PBS news editor and the students as reporters and first-line editors. He holds a bachelor’s in journalism from Middle Tennessee State University and a master’s in health/science communication from UF.

Tyrone Stude

Advertising Strategy (ADV 3001)

Ty is a faculty member in the Digital Arts program at University of Tampa. He received his Masters of Fine Arts in Advertising at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. He teaches ADV 4101 (Copy and Visualization).

Kevin M. VanValkenburgh

Media Planning (ADV 4300)

Kevin identifies the business challenge and blurs the lines between brand, content, channel and discipline to drive incremental, measurable results. He is a Chief Growth Officer for his clients, a brand evangelist, a top down and bottom up expert.

Dan Yesenosky

Problems and Ethics in Mass Communication (MMC 3203)

Dan Yesenosky is in his first semester at UF, teaching Problems and Ethics in Mass Communication. He has been an instructor for the past three years for Penn State University where he teaches numerous courses, including media ethics, news writing, and multimedia reporting. In addition to his academic positions, Dan has more than 10 years of professional experience in journalism and communications spanning across media, technology, and marketing organizations. Dan graduated with his Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism from Penn State and his Master’s in Media Management from the University of Missouri.