About the College

Mission, Goals and Values

In 2023, the College completed a five-year strategic planning process called “CJC 2028.”   Below is a mission statement, goals and values and guiding principles that have emerged from that process.


The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications is committed to a diverse and inclusive environment, preeminent scholarship, cross-disciplinary education, superior skills development, and collaboration spanning the science and practice of communication to produce significant societal impact on a local, state, and global scale.


  1. Build on CJC’s scholarly excellence to advance competitive advantages and drive innovation
  2. Enhance CJC’s recruitment, retention, and placement of diverse and multicultural faculty, staff, and students
  3. Develop an environment that fosters and advances equity and a culture of active participatory inclusiveness, collaboration and collegiality
  4. Elevate student career preparation, readiness, cultural competency, and competitive standing for evolving professions
  5. Acquire and continually refresh infrastructure and technology to be innovative, forward-looking, and cutting-edge

 Values and Guiding Principles

  • We are devoted to being an inclusive, empathetic and welcoming environment to all members of the CJC community and beyond, embracing our different identities, viewpoints and lived experiences
  • We will serve our communities through our teaching, service, creative and research endeavors
  • We will strive for both local and global reach and impact through our work and by preparing students to work in a global environment
  • We are dedicated to teaching and embodying ethical decisions that acknowledge our social responsibilities
  • We are grounded in forward-thinking scholarship that acknowledges a changing media environment and the translation of that scholarship in ways that impact and benefit humanity
  • We integrate theoretical and practical education and experience
  • We are dedicated to providing immersion experiences that benefit students, staff, faculty and the local community
  • We value and support speech that exercises our freedom of expression under the First Amendment
  • We hold ourselves accountable to meeting and fulfilling these principles