About the College

Mission and Goals Mission and Goals

In 2015, the College began a five-year strategic planning process called “CJC 2020.”   Below is a mission statement and goals that have emerged from that process. To view the College’s strategic plan, click here.


The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications (CJC) is committed to a diverse and inclusive environment, preeminent scholarship, cross-disciplinary education, superior skills development, and collaboration spanning the science and practice of communication to produce significant societal impact on a local, state, and global scale.


  • Strengthen CJC’s Reputation for Academic Excellence in Media and Communication Science
  • Establish CJC as a Leader in the Recruitment, Retention, and Placement of Multicultural Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • Strengthen Professional Skills Development to Ensure We are Providing the Greatest Opportunity for Student Career Placement
  • Establish CJC’s Preeminence in Storytelling Grounded in Research
  • Improve Student Career Preparation, Readiness, and Competitive Standing
  • Invest in Communication Research, Curriculum, and Practice Focused on Advancing Human Values, Improving Quality of Life, and Sharing Knowledge for a Diverse Society