Graduation Rates

The Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications, or ACEJMC, requires its accredited programs to publish retention and graduation data on their websites and to update the information annually.

The following information has been compiled by the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications’ Office of Undergraduate Affairs and Enrollment Management.

Undergraduate Retention Rate 2016 – 2017

One-year retention of students who became a College of Journalism and Communications major in 2016 (n=345): 1-year: 88.9%

Undergraduate Graduation Rate for 2011 cohort

Graduation rates for a major (as opposed to a university) are assessed in two ways.  One method is to calculate the graduation rate as the percentage of students entering a college in their first year at the institution.  The second is to assess the graduation rates of students who have declared a major in the college by their third year (when most students have finally settled on a major course of study).

For a college, a graduation rate is not a measure of whether a student receives a degree.  It is a measure of whether a student receives a degree in that particular college.  Many of the students at UF who enter our College as freshmen and don’t receive a College of Journalism and Communications degree do in fact graduate.  Because they have changed majors, their degrees are awarded by other UF colleges.

With these things in mind, the College of Journalism and Communications graduation rates are as follows: Graduation rates for students entering the College of Journalism and Communications in their first year at UF (n = 402):

4-year:  73.4%, 6-year 78.7%

Graduate Graduation and Retention Rates

Based on an initial master’s enrollment of 24 for the Fall 2015 master’s cohort, the one-year retention rate in Fall 2016 was 100%.

The two-year graduation rate for students who began in Fall 2014 (n = 35) and who graduated by Fall 2016 was 85% (30 students).