Knight Division

Student Inclusion

The Knight Division’s goal is to create an inclusive environment within the CJC, where every student has an equal opportunity to thrive, a variety of talents are showcased, and every student’s voice is heard and celebrated.

The Knight Division serves as a liaison between the student body and leadership. We communicate opportunities and resources to the student body, while advocating for student needs and providing support for students in crisis.

We support both students and college leadership with the following services:

  • Individual student appointments
  • Advising of the CJC Student Diversity Task Force
  • Student advocacy with college leadership
  • Student Involvement Day coordination
  • Development workshops
  • Outreach events
  • Group and class presentations
  • Programming support and marketing
  • External department collaborations
  • Recruitment efforts for underrepresented groups
  • Student organization support
  • Student climate surveys

To discuss concerns, programming, or opportunities in student inclusion, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with the director at any time.