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Degree requirements

College requirements

  • Foreign Language Requirement or Quantitative Option
  • The College requires that all students complete 12 credits of coursework in a department outside of the college. Nine of the twelve credits should be at the 3000 level or above. In lieu of an outside concentration, a student may complete an approved UF minor that is offered outside of the college. (see video below)
  • All CJC students must complete a total of 9 credits of English. CJC students in Advertising, Public Relations, and Telecommunication complete ENC1101 and ENC1102, as well as ENC3252 Strategic Communications. CJC students in the Journalism major complete a 3rd English course (any course taught by the English department).
  • 52 credits CJC courses, 72 credits non-CJC courses – All CJC students beginning with catalog year 2013 must complete 52 credits of CJC courses, and 72 credits of non-CJC courses, totaling 124 credits required for graduation.Consult with an adviser during advance registration advising. Don’t take random courses for the sake of being a full-time student – always choose an elective inside our college. We have many special topics courses offered each semester. Take advantage of them.
  • 124 credits required for graduation

Outside Concentration

University requirements

Dropping and Adding courses

Preparing for graduation

Dates and deadlines


Withdrawing from UF

Information for PaCE Students

Prospective transfer students

Interested in Transferring to our college? If you have completed your associate of arts degree at a state or community college in Florida, please refer to our Admissions information when preparing to apply to our degree programs

Transient Coursework (taking classes elsewhere)

UF students who wish to take courses transient (at another institution) may do so with adviser approval as long as they are not also enrolled at UF during the same semester. The CJC does not allow concurrent enrollment (enrollment in two institutions at the same time). ​

Certificate, Combination Degree and Minor Programs