Course Request Form Course Request Form

Important Information:

  • Submitting the request form does not guarantee you will be registered for a course that is already closed.
  • Your request will not be processed if you do not meet the prerequisites for the course.
  • Your request will not be processed nor will you be notified if you have a HOLD on your records.

When you select a department, you must select the department that controls the class. Most are obvious – select Journalism for JOU classes, Advertising for ADV classes, etc. Others aren’t quite as clear. This chart will show you which department oversees these classes, so you can make the proper selection on the form:

AdvertisingJournalismPublic RelationsMedia Production, Management, and Technology
MMC 2100
MMC 3203
MMC 2121
MMC 2450
MMC 2604
MMC 3030
MMC 3702
MMC 3703
MMC 4200
VIC 3001MMC 1009
MMC 2740
MMC 3210
MMC 3260
MMC 3420
MMC 3614
MMC 4302

Students will not hear back from the department unless and until the course has been added to their schedule. Please DO NOT submit multiple requests for the same course.

This form will not work for classes outside the CJC.

All fields are required.