Naming Opportunities

CJC offers several opportunities for you to bolster your legacy at the College. Below are some of the available naming opportunities.

Naming Opportunities

Deanship: $10,000,000

Department Naming: $5,000,000

Chair: $2,000,000

Professorship: $1,000,000

Professor-in-Residence: $1,000,000

Graduate Fellowship: $300,000

Various Space Namings: starting at $100,000

Internship Support Fund: starting at $50,000

Departmental Support Funds: starting at  $50,000

Scholarships: starting at $50,000

For more information, contact:

Margaret Gaylord
Senior Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations
(352) 273-0193

Sorangi “Angie” de Leon
Associate Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations
(352) 273-2919

Natalie Karaoglanian
Associate Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations
(352) 294-1035

Erika Henderson
Membership Coordinator
(352) 294-1550

Adrienne Campbell
Development Coordinator
(352) 846-2411

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