Alumni and Giving

UF Distinguished Alumni

The University of Florida Distinguished Alumnus Award is one of the University’s most prestigious awards, recognizing alumni who have excelled in their chosen field or who have performed outstanding service for the University.

Following are CJC Alumni who have been honored with this award.

Mitchell Habib
B.S. Advertising 1982
Honored Spring 2022

Stanley Schwartz
B.S. Advertising 1962
Honored Fall 2018

Yvette Miley
B.S. Broadcasting 1985
Honored Summer 2018

Juan Andrade
B.S. Journalism 1986
Honored spring 2018

Judy Lynn Prince
B.S. Telecommunication 1964
Honored spring 2015

Peter Barr
B.S. Broadcasting 1957
Honored spring 2007

Ed Barber
B.S. Journalism 1966
Honored summer 2007

James Harper
B.S. Advertising 1963
Honored spring 2006

Michael Connelly
B.S. Journalism 1980
Honored fall 2004

Debra Ann Richard
B.S. Advertising
Honored fall 2004

Carl Hiaasen
B.S. Journalism 1974
Honored fall 2003

Diane McFarlin
B.S. Journalism 1976
Honored fall 1999

Barry Berish
B.S. Advertising 1954
Honored fall 1984