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Advertising Research, Qualitative Research, International Advertising, New Media and Advertising, Product Placement
Huan Chen, 2074 Weimer, 352-392-0447,

Communication Strategy, Health Behavior Theory, Gerontology, Family Communication
Carla Fisher, 2093 Weimer, 352-294-1019,

Creative Strategy, Copywriting and Visualization, Qualitative Research
Robyn Goodman, Department Chair, 2088 Weimer, 352-392-2704,

International Advertising/Marketing, Strategic Planning and Research
Cynthia Morton, 2082 Weimer, 352-392-8841,

Study Abroad, International Advertising/Marketing, Research, Graduate Programs (Online)
Michael F. Weigold, 3065 Weimer, 352-392-1124,

Public Service Advertising, Warning Labels, Study Abroad, Advertising Campaign Development, Research and Graduate Studies
Debbie Treise, 2076 Weimer, 352-392-6557,

Health Communication, Science Communication, Translational Science, Social Marketing, Campaign Development and Evaluation
Janice Krieger, 2024 Weimer 352-273-0240, janicekrieger@jou.ufl.ed


Narrative and feature writing, International reporting, Journalism and Trauma, Digital news, Newspapers
Moni Basu, 3327 Weimer, 352-273-3529,

Investigative Journalism
Ted Bridis, 2066C Weimer, 352-294-1543,

Communications Law, Media Law, First Amendment, Federal Communications Commission
Clay Calvert, 2060 Weimer, 352-273-1096,

Careers in journalism, resume and cover letters, job interviewing, writing and surviving the reporting class
Mike Foley, 3047 Weimer, 352-392-0410,

Photo, International Journalism
John Freeman, 3070 Weimer, 352-392-0430,

International and Intercultural Communications, Media/Journalism History, Social Advocacy, Intersectionality /Gender Studies
Rachel Grant,  3219B Weimer, 352-846-0171,

Digital Journalism, Diversity/Inclusion, writing, audio skills
Joanna Hernandez, 3046 Weimer, 352-273-1091,

Digital and Mobile Media Communications, Media Competition, Broadcast Journalism
Harrison Hove, 3105 Weimer, 352-294-1371,

Media Effects and Communication Technology
Sri Kalyanaraman, 3045 Weimer, 352-392-0847,

Data Literacy, Data Journalism, Journalism Ethics, News Culture
Norman Lewis, 3052 Weimer, 352-392-5137,

Journalism History, Sports Journalism, Journalism Education, Multimedia Reporting
Herbert Lowe, 3101 Weimer, 352-294-1399,

Online and Digital Journalism, Social Media, Internet, Web Design, Web Development, Code for Journalism, Interactivity, Online Multimedia, Online Privacy and Security, International Journalism, International Press Freedom, Fulbright Scholar Grants
Mindy McAdams, 3049 Weimer, 352-392-8456,

Digital Media, Online Media, Editing, Startups, Entrepreneurialism, Business, Management, Newspapers, Public Media (NPR/PBS), Design
Matt Sheehan, 2303 Weimer, 352-294-1511,

Magazines, Narrative Writing, Sports Media, Health/Fitness, Social Media
Ted Spiker, Chair, 2070 Weimer, 352-392-6990,

Media Effects, Communication Technology, Quantitative Methods
Frank Waddell, 3067 Weimer, 352-294-1627, 

Journalism/Media History
Bernell Tripp, 3055 Weimer, 352-392-2147,

Feature Writing, Health Writing, Newspapers
Kim Walsh-Childers, 3044 Weimer, 352-392-3924,

Agenda Setting
Wayne Wanta, 3061 Weimer, 352-392-7594,

Public Relations

Social Media, Social Listening, Strategy
Natalie Asorey, 352-273-4358,

Public Interest Communications, Public Relations Strategy, Campaigns
Ann Christiano, 3200 Weimer Hall, 352-392-0420

Risk Communication, Science Communication, Health Communication, Environmental Communication, Environmental Activism, Persuasion
Haoran “Chris” Chu, 2066A Weimer Hall, 352-294-9115,

Corporate Purpose, Digital Communication, Public Relations Measurement, Investor Relations
Marcia DiStaso, 2085 Weimer Hall, 352-273-1220,

Ethics/Professional Responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility, Research
Mary Ann Ferguson, 1080A Weimer Hall, 352-392-6660,

Public Relations Research, Political Campaigns, Online Communication
Myiah Hutchens, 3058 Weimer Hall, 352-273-4163,

Persuasion, Political Communication, Strategic Communication
Spiro Kiousis, Executive Associate Dean, 2096 Weimer Hall, 352-273-0196

Internal Communication, Leadership Communication, Social Media, Startup Public Relations, Evaluation and Measurement, Relationship/Reputation Management
Rita Linjuan Men, 3054 Weimer, 352-294-2897,

Media Production, Management, and Technology

Branding, Social Media, Popular Culture, Political Reporting, Communication Technology, Digital/Mobile Media Communication, Political Communication, Media Psychology and Effects
Andrew Selepak, 3053 Weimer, 352-294-0879, 

Video and Film Production; Screenwriting
James Babanikos, 3064 Weimer, 352-392-6399,

Emerging Media; Mobile Media; Media Competition; Media Management; Audience Research; Media Economics; Branding
Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, 3063 Weimer, 352-392-4211,

Media Management and Economics; Audience Research; Ethnic Media; News
Amy Jo Coffey, 2042 Weimer, 352-392-6522,

Multi-platform Sports Reporting, Sport Information Management, Sports and Media
Eric Esterline, 3327 Weimer,  352-846-0172,

Media Psychology, Communication Technology, Interactive Media; Gamification, Persuasion
Yu-hao Lee, 3051 Weimer, 352-392-3951,

International and Intercultural Communication
Michael Leslie, 3060 Weimer, 352-392-2904,

Media Law, Information, Technology, Policy, Online Privacy and Security, Community, Culture, Emerging Media
Jasmine McNealy, 3062 Weimer, 352-846-0226,

Management; Video Production; International Communication
David Ostroff, 2081 Weimer, 352-392-0463,

Documentary Film and Video Production; Screenwriting
Churchill Roberts, 3040A Weimer, 352-392-1545,

Video and Film Production and Post-production
Tim Sorel, 3040B Weimer, 352-392-2849,

Video and Film Production
Houston Wells, 3066 Weimer, 352-273-3568,

STEM Translational Communication Research

Health Communication, Science Communication, Translational Science, Social Marketing, Campaign Development and Evaluation
Janice Krieger, 2024 Weimer 352-273-0240,