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College  Awards

The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications honors its best and brightest students, faculty and alumni each year. The annual College Awards Banquet was held on April 12 at the UF Hilton and Conference Center in Gainesville. A copy of the program with an explanation of the named awards is available here.

The College inducted four alumni into its Hall of Fame:

Following is the full list of faculty and student awards.

Faculty and Staff

Graduate and Research

  • Amanda Bradshaw, Julie Dodd Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award
  • Alexis Bajalia, Outstanding Master’s Students
  • Phillip Arceneaux and Min Xiao, Outstanding Student Research Award

Undergraduate Awards

College-Wide Awards

  • Stella Kim, Ruth and Rae O. Weimer Award
  • Alexander Duran and Grace King, Dean’s Cup for Professional Promise
  • Eugenia Blaubach and Brooke Rabinovich, Dean’s Cup for Scholarship
  • Meredith Sheldon, Dean’s Cup for Service


  • Brooke Rabinovich, Outstanding Advertising Scholar
  • Isabella Pinzon, Joseph R. Pisani Service Award
  • Alexa Padron, W. Robert Glafcke Award
  • Alexander Duran, Richard W. McGinnis Professional Promise Award
  • Kathleen Driscoll, John Sutherland Great Ideas Award
  • Denise Akerman, Respess Award


  • Katie Campione and Meredith Sheldon, Outstanding Journalism Scholar
  • Scottie Andrew, John Paul Jones Jr. Award
  • Paige Fry, Elmer Emig Award
  • Romy Ellenbogen and Meryl Kornfield, H.G. “Buddy” Davis Award
  • Max Chesnes, Society of Professional Journalists Award
  • Brooke Henderson, Jean Chance Service Award

Public Relations

  • Eugenia Blaubach, Outstanding Public Relations Scholar
  • Andrea Mora, Frank K. Rathbun PRSSA Award
  • Nicole Graney and Jamie Honowitz, Charles Wellborn Service Award
  • Jordan McCrary, Jack Detweiler Professional Promise in Public Relations Award
  • Stella Kim, Florida Public Relations Association Award


  • Madison Wolk, Outstanding Telecommunication Scholar
  • Christian Gentolia and Rachel Wang, Major Garland Powell Award
  • Tamara Dobry, Mary Burton Award
  • Nicole Bianco, F. Leslie Smith Management Award
  • Grace King, WJXT-TV Award

The Agency Somebody Awards:

  • Katie Ryan, Summer 2018
  • Anna Molinaro, Fall 2018
  • Nala Velez, Spring 2019

Media Properties

  • Meredith Sheldon and Laurel Biddy, Jon Quattlebaum Award
  • Dolores Hinckley, Ralph L. Lowenstein Broadcast News Award
  • Sofia Millar, Kenneth A. Christiansen Award
  • Christian Gentolia, TV Production and Creative Services Frank Counts Award
  • Courtney Mims, “Red” Barber Award
  • Raymon Troncoso, Doris Bardon Award
  • Cat Gloria, Excellence in Digital Media Award
  • Bryan Boggiano, Excellence in Multimedia Meteorology Award
  • Amy Nelson and Mary Grace Scully, Excellence in Media Leadership
  • Claudia Perez-Brito, Excellence in Spanish-Language Media Award