Welcome to CJC

Congratulations! We’re glad you are part of our team.  As a part of the new employee onboarding process, this guide was created to assist you from before your first day through your first-year work anniversary. The checklists and other helpful information in this document will assist you through your entire onboarding process. READ MORE

Timeline for All Staff and Faculty
Timeline After First 30 Days

CJC is committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming culture, increasing diversity in our faculty, staff and student ranks, and ensuring the equitable treatment for all.  Click here for more on CJC’s Inclusion, Diversity and Equity initiatives.

Kalisha Whitman
Innovation News Center

“I first experienced the #GoGreater mantra through my onboarding process.  The loving, kindness and attention to detail became the topic of my best-friend text thread.  The hospitality and the professionalism made me feel welcomed and excited to start. I was on board and ready to take flight. I no longer click my heels. Thanks to my onboarding team –  I’m home.  Chomp, Kalisha”