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This page includes resources and training guides about recruitment and hiring efforts for faculty and staff.



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All faculty search committee meetings fall under Florida’s Open Meeting and Open Records Laws: http://training.hr.ufl.edu/instructionguides/faculty_search/admin_searchcommannounc.pdf.

A university search committee that screens or recommends candidates is subject to the Sunshine Law and must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Accessibility – All search and screen committee meetings must be open to the public. This does not imply that the public has a right to participate in search and screen committee meetings; rather, the public may only listen and observe in a non-disruptive fashion. Discussions between two or more committee members about the business of the search must be heard in an open meeting.
  • Notice – Reasonable notice must be given before any committee meeting. The notice must give the time and place of the meeting and a brief agenda, if available.
  • Minutes – Written minutes of all search and screen committee meetings must be promptly recorded and made available for public inspection. The Sunshine Law does not require audio or video recordings of meetings; however, once made, those recordings are public records and must be retained.
  • Public Records – All documents related to the search are considered public record, with the exception of personal notes for recall purposes. All search records are required to be maintained for a period of 4 years.
  • Confidentiality – Although searches and related materials are open to the public, confidentiality and discretion are important to the integrity of the search process and the reputation of the University of Florida. Search committee members should maintain discretion, diligence, and care to protect applicant confidentiality including names of applicants and any identifying information relative to the applicant, the applicant’s background, or current or former employers. Additionally, search committee members should not disclose committee discussions and deliberations.