CJC Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

CJC takes pride in building a culture of Thanks. In addition to the university’s total rewards benefits, we understand that recognition, awards and incentives are catalyst for employee appreciation, engagement and retention. To learn more about how to say  “Thanks” to your colleagues, please contact cjc-hr@jou.ufl.edu.

Annual College Awards

Each spring, the College honors faculty, staff and students for outstanding achievement during the past academic year.

Faculty and Staff Awards

Our faculty and staff are honored for their achievements by the University, academic organizations, professional groups and other institutions.

CJC News Awards

CJC students and professional staff receive numerous awards throughout the year for outstanding journalism and broadcast/video production.


Dania Alexandrino“I never though leaving the field as a TV journalist would be so fulfilling, exciting, enriching and hopeful. That is part of what you get when you work with students. It’s fulfilling to pass on knowledge. It becomes exciting when they listen, let you guide them and apply everything you taught them. But it also becomes enriching when you see their ability to improve on what you taught them making you hopeful that they are the bright future that will rescue this incredible career from its demise.”

Dania Alexandrino
Spanish-Language News Manager