Media Production, Management, and Technology

Student Organizations


National Broadcasting Society

The University of Florida chapter of the National Broadcasting Society provides students with opportunities to prepare for a career in the broadcast, production, or management fields. Make friends, learn about the business, and get vital job tips.

Link: Gator NBS on Facebook


ChomPics is our national award-winning production group. An offshoot of National Broadcasting Society, students in ChomPics have produced a variety of comedy, dramatic, and entertainment news programs.

Link: ChomPics on Facebook

Association of Black Communicators

Association of Black Communicators (ABC) is a professional student group that includes majors from all departments in the College of Journalism and Communications. Founded in 1980, ABC’s major goal is to assist members with career development. It was the first minority student organization in the College, and it is a student chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ).

Hispanic Communicators Association

Hispanic Communicators Association (HCA) was founded in 1992. HCA’s membership encompasses students from all college majors. Based on total Hispanic enrollment, HCA has the highest percentage of participation of any of the college’s minority student media organizations.

Association of Asian Communicators

Association of Asian Communicators (AAC)  was founded in 1996 and welcomes majors from the four college departments. It is a leader among Florida’s Asian student organizations.