Advising Advising

Faculty members in the Department of Media Production, Management, and Technology are assigned to provide professional and career advising. Faculty members are listed below by their areas of expertise. You are welcome to contact any of them for professional/career advising during their office hours or by email.

Academic advising for media production, management, and technology majors is available in the PATH (1060 Weimer Hall), where professional advisers can assist you and answer your questions about the telecommunication program, potential graduation dates, graduating with honors, degree checks, etc.

Video and Film Production; Screenwriting

James Babanikos, 3064 Weimer, 352-392-6399, jbabanikos@jou.ufl.edu

Management; Audience Research; Media Economics

Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, 3063 Weimer, 352-392-4211, chanolmsted@jou.ufl.edu

Sports Production and Reporting

Roxane Coche, 3068 Weimer, 352-392-5059,  rcoche@ufl.edu

Management; Audience Research; Ethnic Media; News

Amy Jo Coffey, 2042 Weimer, 352-392-6522, acoffey@jou.ufl.edu

Sports Production and Reporting

Eric Esterline, 3327 Weimer, 352-846-0172, eesterline@jou.ufl.edu

Interactive Media; Gamification

Yu-hao Lee, 3051 Weimer, 352-392-3951, leeyuhao@jou.ufl.edu

International and Intercultural Communication

Michael Leslie, 3060 Weimer, 352-392-2904, mleslie@jou.ufl.edu

Media Law and Policy, Internet Policy, Privacy

Jasmine McNealy, 3062 Weimer, 352-846-0226, jmcnealy@jou.ufl.edu

Management; Video Production; International Communication

David Ostroff, 2081 Weimer, 352-392-0463, dostroff@jou.ufl.edu

Documentary Film and Video Production; Screenwriting

Churchill Roberts, 3040A Weimer, 352-392-1545, clrobert@jou.ufl.edu

Social Media, Sports Communication, Entertainment

Andy Selepak, 3053 Weimer, 352-294-0879, aselepak@ufl.edu

Audience and Data Analytics

Jieun Shin, 2066D Weimer, 352-293-3197, jieun.shin@ufl.edu

Video and Film Production and Post-production

Tim Sorel, 3040B Weimer, 352-392-2849, tsorel@jou.ufl.edu

Video and Film Production

Houston Wells, 3066 Weimer, 352-273-3568, houstonw@ufl.edu

Emerging Media

Kun Xu, 3219A Weimer, 352-392-0435, kun.xu@ufl.edu

Video and Film Production, Narrative Film-making

Iman Zawhary, 3048 Weimer, 352-392-0444, iman@jou.ufl.edu