Research and Theory Master's

Funding Resources for Graduate Students

CJC Office of Careers and Corporate Partnerships (OCCP) 

The OCCP maintains a jobs and internships database that includes listings for graduate student employment opportunities, including assistantships for master’s students when available.

CJC Travel Funds

The Graduate Studies and Research Division grants CJC travel funds to students who are accepted to present papers at conferences. A complete list of available travel funding beyond CJC can be found on the University of Florida’s Graduate School site.

Graduate Student Council Grants

The GSC offers grants to students traveling domestically and internationally for conferences and professional development. All students in eligible departments may apply for the grants. The application can be found at our grants website. All questions about grants should be directed to

UFIC International Student Emergency Hardship Scholarship

The UFIC has established a scholarship for international students experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties that are beyond their control.

Scarborough Scholarship

The Scarborough agency established this award to show appreciation for the opportunity to work with international students at the University of Florida.

UF/SFC Development Project

The UF/SFC Development Project is a partnership between the University of Florida and local Santa Fe College that aims to increase faculty diversity at SFC, while providing minority and underrepresented doctoral students at UF with valuable teaching experience. Participants teach three courses per year at SFC and assist in its recruitment and retention of minority and underrepresented students. This program pays tuition, fees and a stipend, an award that may be funded for a maximum of four years. Participants must be US citizens who have a master’s degree in an approved field.


The Fulbright program involves the participation of a large set of collaborating partners in supporting Fulbright fellows at the University of Florida.