Graduate Program

Class Registration

Graduate students should meet with their advisors prior to registration to determine the courses that will satisfy their degree plan.  Please follow the directions for registration found here:

To enable your registration, it is required that you complete the Registration Preparation requirement and update your emergency contact information every term prior to your registration start time.  You will have a “registration preparation hold” until it is completed.

When searching for graduate courses in the Schedule of Courses found at the above link, choose the semester, go to Course Listings – Search.  Choose the term and using the Filters, select the Program: Campus/Web/Special Programs, Program Level: Graduate, Department: Mass Communication to view all graduate courses.  In the Class Meeting filter: Primarily Classroom/Traditional for all graduate on-campus courses in this college.

Registration in Independent Study courses requires the appropriate form, which can be found here. To register, please return the completed/signed form to Kimberly Dukes.