We Are CJC

WE ARE CJC is a multicultural initiative that gives voice and visibility to the College’s diverse faculty, staff, students and alumni. This video series highlights and celebrates their personal reflections and stories of everyday advocacy.

Black History Month
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Jasmine McNealy

Feb. 28: Dr. Jasmine McNealy

Associate Professor, Department of Telecommunication
Associate Director, Marion B. Brechner First Amendment Project

“You walk so many tightropes. …There is the rope that is your professional rope. That’s all the things that academia requires of you, which is a lot for anybody. Add on to that being a woman, being Black…There’s extra ropes that you have to navigate.”

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Mira Lowe

Feb. 26: Mira Lowe

Assistant Dean for Student Experiences
Director, Innovation News Center

“As a Black female leader working in academia, I’ve come to realize how special this opportunity is because I can count on one hand how many Black teachers I’ve had in my lifetime. Representation really matters in an academic setting for students who are learning and growing and thinking about the world … and who are looking for role models.”

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Brett Ball

Feb. 25: Brett Ball

Doctoral student specializing in Health Communication

“One of the things is just understand the process and it’s a daily reminder of who you are. A daily reminder of your purpose. A daily reminder that I deserve to be here just like anyone else.”

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Rachel Grant

Feb. 19: Dr. Rachel Grant

Assistant Professor
Department of Journalism

“I am the sixth Black woman to graduate [with a PhD] from the Missouri School of Journalism. I say that because we think that access to education has expanded but to exist in these spaces and have access to higher institutions is still scarce…To teach and be a Black academic is a privilege and an honor.”

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Raegan Burden

Feb. 11: Raegan Burden

Lecturer of Cultural Engagement
Department of Advertising

“This is a beautiful time to be a creative professional. Now, when you come to the table, you’re being asked to share the pieces and parts of your experience that tell a greater story.” 

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Creator & Producer: Raegan L. Burden, Advertising Lecturer of Cultural Engagement

Director of Production: Christopher Lee Fatt, Visual Coordinator

Student Assistants:  Nate Bustamante, Krishen Kumar