Research and Insights

CJC at the 2019 International Conference on Communication in Healthcare 2019

Oct. 27-30
San Diego

Jordan Alpert, Assistant Professor, Advertising

Incorporating Patient-Generated Smartwatch Data into the HER

Authors: Alpert, J. Manini, T. Prabhaka, S, Naga, K,  Mendoza Viramontes, T., Solberg, L.,  Rashi, P.

Carma Bylund, Associate Professor, Public Relations

The effect of experiential communication skills education on graduate medical trainees’ communication behaviors: A systematic review.

Authors: Bylund CL, Peterson EB, Ansell M, Bylund K, Ditton-Phare P, Hines A, Manna R, Singh Ospina N, Vasquez T, Wells R, Rosenbuam M.

Empathic Communication and Missed Opportunities in Dignity Therapy.

Authors: Bylund CL, Bluck S, Mroz E, Taylor G, Emanuel L, Fitchett G, Handzo G, Chochinov H, Wilkie D.

ACH-EACH Professional Development Session
Thriving in an Academic Career: Mentoring Matters

Greenberry Taylor, doctoral student
Carma Bylund, Associate Professor, Public Relations

Dealing with Delirium: Improving patient-provider communication with post-surgical patients with delirium and developing an effective care plan for at-risk patients.

 Authors: Taylor G, Radhakrishnan N, Bylund CL.

Carma Bylund, Associate Professor, Public Relations
Easton Wollney, doctoral student

A systematic review of disclosure of complementary and investigative medicine usage in biomedical settings.

Authors: Evelyn Y. Ho, Christopher J. Koenig, Emily Peterson, Carma Bylund, Easton Wollney

Carma Bylund, Associate Professor, Public Relations
Carla Fisher, Associate Professor, Public Relations
Amanda Kastrinos, doctoral student
Michaela Mullis, doctoral student

Poster: Differences in diagnosis experiences between parent and adult child cancer caregivers.

Authors: Kastrinos A, Fisher CL, Mullis M, Sae-Hau M, Weiss E, Bylund CL.

Poster: Pediatric Leukemia and Lymphoma caregiving: Understanding the impact on the entire family system.

Authors: Mullis M, Bylund CL, Kastrinos A, Sae-Hau M, Weiss E, Fisher CL.

Hayley Markovich, doctoral student

From Colored to Black: An Evaluation of a Multi-Modal Play Promoting Health Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  

Mapping Social and Situational Proximity of Opinion Leaders for Mental Health Promotion: A Qualitative Assessment.

Easton Wollney, doctoral student

Poster: Sex? What is that? A qualitative analysis of a discussion board about sexual healthy for those impacted by cervical cancer.