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Jon Morris Study Proposes New Approach to Measure TV Ad Emotional Responses

Jon Morris
Jon Morris

University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications Advertising Professor Jon Morris and former UF Ph.D. student Feng Shen will have an article published in the Journal of Advertising Research titled “Advertising Decoding Neural Responses to Emotion in Television Commercials: An Integrative Study of Self-Reporting and fMRI Measures.”


Contrary to the current practice that either regards physiological measures as superior to self-reporting measures or uses only one type of measure, this study proposes an integrative procedure that combines a visual self-reporting scale with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to measure emotional response to television commercials.

Advertising Messages are key to locating the brain regions responsible for emotional responses. By pinpointing these brain locations, this study enriches the knowledge base of neuromarketing and indicates to researchers and practitioners the importance of the three key and requisite dimensions of emotion, appeal, engagement, and empowerment, in measuring feelings about advertising and marketing communications.

Management Slant

  • It is recommended that advertising practitioners interested in neuro-marketing measure emotional response to their advertising and marketing communication by adopting a three-dimensional integrative approach.
  • Brain regions at the gyrus level have been identified with the emotional dimensions of Appeal and Engagement, which have been shown in previous research to predict purchase intention and brand interest.
  • Cost and participant availability are not necessarily deterring factors to neuroimaging research, but continuous effort to improve the precision of neurophysiological analyses is key to the successful implementation of neuromarketing.

Posted: September 21, 2015
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