Professional Master's

Career Prep

Our accelerated Professional Master’s MAMC program was intentionally created to deliver maximum flexibility and accommodate students motivated to earn an advanced degree in a shorter timespan to be career-ready and more rapidly propel their careers. As a key part of this built-in flexibility, UF has developed a “mix and match” coursework structure that allows you to customize the direction you want your education to take, the focus areas most applicable to your career goals and the ability to set the right pace to meet your needs.



The College offers unique and extensive hands-on experience for all students.  Working alongside professionals, you will be immersed in real-world settings producing news for the North Central Florida community or campaigns and strategy for regional and national brands.

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Knight Division

The Knight Division provides assistance to students seeking internships and full-time employment after graduation. Students receive tips on resume writing, interview techniques, dressing for success and much more. If unsure of future goals or plans, or in need of assistance with career decision making, students may meet with the director for a career counseling session.

Career Day

The Knight Division also sponsors a Career Day every Fall and Spring semester. In addition, we coordinate individual visits to the college by newspapers, broadcast stations, agencies and other employers interested in recruiting students with communications and media backgrounds.

Career Resources

It takes more than academics, graduating, and talent to launch your career. You must know where to search, as well as how to market those talents to your desired opportunities. Resumes, cover letters, what you say and display during an interview and your web persona are all marketing materials for the brand of you. What message are you conveying? For more information and assistance, please visit the Knight Division Career Resources.

Below are links to a few resources to find career opportunities.

Jobs Database

Internships Database

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