STEM Center Colloquium: Dr. Julia van Weert

"Effective Communication with Cancer Patients in an Aging Society: The Added Value of eHealth"

November 29, 2018
Clinical Translational Research Building (CTRB 3161/3162)
10 - 11 a.m.

Dr. van Weert is professor of Health Communication at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research/ASCoR of the University of Amsterdam, Director of the Amsterdam Center for Health Communication, and Program Group Director of Persuasive Communication

In this colloquium, sponsored by the STEM Translational Communication Center, results will be presented of studies on patient-provider communication with older cancer patients and the added value of eHealth. First, older cancer patients’ (un)met information and communication needs will be discussed. Next, results will be presented on how much older patients recall from medical information presented during consultations and which factors predict the level of recall. Finally, the advantages of using eHealth, in addition to patient-provider communication, will be discussed.

There presentation will also focus on how online information can be effectively presented to an aging population. Recommendations will be given for both face-to-face and online communication with older cancer patients. This summary of relevant studies also highlights challenging areas for future research on the effects of  information provision to older cancer patients.

The STCC has requested a Campus Cab to facilitate transportation to the CTRB and back to Weimer Hall, the van’s capacity is for 14 people, space will be reserved on first-come, first-served basis. Should we receive additional request for transportation, we will do our best to reserve an additional campus cab.  Poster event will follow soon!

Please RSVP to for the Colloquium and campus cab by noon on Monday, Nov. 26.