Online Master’s Degrees and Certificate Programs

As more and more journalism and communications professionals seek to earn master’s degrees and certificate programs to expand their breadth of knowledge and increase their attractiveness to employers, the UF College of Journalism and Communications offers three online non-thesis, professionally focused graduate specializations.

The specializations, Social Media,” “Web Design and Online Communication” and “Global Strategic Communication,” can be completed as master of arts in mass communications degrees or certificate programs.  The College created the specializations because of an increased interest in programs that expand students’ knowledge of new and social media and increase their abilities to develop programs and campaigns across multiple media platforms.


Social Media MAMC specialization/certificate program

Social Media MastersStudents in the Social Media” MAMC specialization and certificate program learn principles and advanced techniques for using social media as a mass communications strategy.  Taught entirely online, the program is designed for the working professional seeking to better understand how to harness the digital power of social media.

The program explores the theories that explain digital media communications and examines the strategic uses of social media in advertising, marketing, public relations, journalism, writing, and politics. As well as exploring the possibilities, the program also examines the limitations of social media. By learning how to creatively plan and design social media initiatives and use evaluation metrics, students will gain the tools to create innovative campaigns and track their effectiveness.

The UF master’s in Social Media program can be completed in as little as 18 months. Students can begin the master’s or certificate program in the Fall, Spring or Summer semesters. The inaugural class will begin in the Summer 2013 semester.

For more information about the curriculum or the admission requirements for the University of Florida’s online specialization in Social Media, visit Social Media.


Web design and online communication MAMC specialization/certificate program


Web Design and Online Communications MastersStudents in the “Web Design and Online Communication” MAMC specialization and certificate program learn principles and advanced techniques in Internet design and strategic communication as it applies to news, commerce and entertainment media.  Students can begin the master’s degree or certificate program in the Fall, Spring and Summer terms.

The degree is taught entirely on-line and many courses, especially in the design sequence, feature live student-instructor interactions in Adobe Connect.  This technology allows instructors and students to see and hear one another and share creative works.

The program is led by faculty members with extensive experience in the web design industry as well as in academic and theoretical research. Designed primarily as a part time program for professionals trained in traditional media professions, students may also enroll full time and complete the 37-credit degree in three terms, with a load of four courses per term, including a capstone project class. Students attending part time can choose two classes per term. In the graduate certificate program, students will complete four courses, all focused on web design.

For more information about the curriculum or the admission requirements for the University of Florida’s online specialization in Web Design and Online Communication, visit Web Design and Online Communication” or contact Mike Weigold at 352/392-1124.

Degree plans

Two master’s graduates reflect on their experience in the online “Web Design and Online Communication” masters:

Naseem Ferdowsi, TEL 2005

Staff Editor at Booz & Company

I hope to become a stronger communicator who better understand online communication and powerful webdesign. As someone based in the Middle East, there weren’t a lot of options and when I heard my alma mater was offering a master’s online that would allow me to continue to travel and work abroad, I decided it was a perfect match.

What she thinks so far: With a dynamic classroom made possible through Adobe Connect, it’s really no different from being in a classroom in Gainesville. It feels like a classroom community so that’s pretty neat–I wasn’t expecting that. It’s a little hectic for me because I’m in class from 12:30 a.m. to 5 a.m. here in my time zone, but I do see the light at the end of this tunnel and want to keep up with this pace so I can get the most out of the program.


Emily Davis, ADV 2010

Marketing coordinator for the Reitz Union

When I was looking into graduate programs, I felt strongly that I wanted a program with a graphic design component. Working in advertising and marketing, design and traditional practices are so intertwined. I had looked at countless programs, but was amazed at how few offered what I was looking for. It seemed they either focused on design or traditional practices, but not both. I wanted my cake and wanted to eat it too, so when I heard about the UF program, I knew immediately it would be the one for me.

What she thinks so far: I’m very pleased so far. Regardless of whether or not we are in the same physical space, I feel like I know my teachers and other classmates. I prefer having the schedule class time versus traditional online programs where you watch the classes whenever you want. I am able to actually talk to my professor via webcam and share my computer screen with her if I have a question about my work.


Global strategic communication MAMC specialization/certificate program

Global Strategic Communication MastersThe College’s MAMC specialization and certificate program in “Global Strategic Communication” are designed with an emphasis on international perspectives and persuasive communication.  Students in the program learn principles and advanced techniques in international communications, advertising and public relations. Students can begin the master’s degree or certificate program in the Fall, Spring and Summer terms.

The courses in this degree teach professionals how to conduct communication and media campaigns that incorporate the latest tactics in reaching and analyzing international audiences and stakeholders. The degree work culminates in a capstone project that allows communication specialists to gain practical experience working with their newly acquired communication strategies.  All other coursework is delivered in a flexible online format to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.

Completed in one and a half years, the master’s degree in Global Strategic Communication has enrollment opportunities during Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Students in the certificate program complete four courses.

For more information about the curriculum or the admission requirements for the University of Florida’s online specialization in Global Strategic Communication, visit Online MAMC: Global Strategic Communication.

Degree Plans

Online MAMC: Global Strategic Communication

Online Global Strategic Communication Certificate Program