About the Department About the Department

Journalism classes combine the basic principles of journalism (reporting, writing, ethical and legal principles) with new forms (social media, video, data journalism, coding, and more) to provide students with the skills they need to be effective and compelling storytellers, journalists and communicators. A major in journalism will help you develop the skills that you can apply to whatever career path you decide.

Graduates embark on careers in a wide range of specialties and platforms. They work in traditional roles as reporters, editors, writers, multimedia storytellers, broadcasters, investigative journalists, sports media members, and more. They also work in newer forms of media, including social media, data journalism, and coding. They can also work in careers in which journalism provides foundational skills, such as speechwriters, politicians, public relations professionals, lawyers, and more.

Our graduates work in traditional forms of media, emerging platforms, and in corporate roles. Ultimately, the major offers transferrable skills that make our graduates outstanding leaders with successful achievements across all fields.

Department faculty, instructors and graduate students teach a variety of courses—from foundation principles of journalism to cutting-edge technologies and techniques. Virtually all faculty have professional media experience, and the faculty is a mix of those with scholarly specialties and those with professional specialties.

Five Things You Should Know:

  • Has a traditional Journalism major and a Journalism: Sports and Media specialization.
  • Faculty currently reviewing curriculum for changes to start in Fall 2023
  • Experiments with new courses regularly (360 Video, Drone Journalism, Virtual Reality for Social Good, Solutions Journalism, Audience Engagement, and more…)
  • Covers all genres of journalism content and forms: writing, audio, video, TV, radio, photo, design, data, coding, social media and more
  • Emphasizes practical experience with enterprises like Fresh Take Florida, Atrium, the Innovation News Center (WUFT, ESPN Gainesville, etc…), The Alligator, internships and more

Notable Alumni include:

  • Stephanie Sinclair, National Geographic photojournalist
  • John Woodrow Cox, Washington Post writer and 2018 Pulitzer finalist
  • Aminda Marques Gonzalez, Vice President and Executive Editor, Simon & Schusterformer executive editor, Miami Herald
  • Jeff Darlington, ESPN sports reporter