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The Center for Public Interest Communications Collaborates on Project to Study Inclusive Coverage of Immigrant Communities

Define American and the Center for Public Interest Communications at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications (UFCJC) collaborated to produce a new body of research on immigration and local news with a focus on North Carolina media consumers. The result, Reimagining Immigration News: North Carolina’s Case for the Nation,” gives journalists in every state a roadmap for inclusive coverage of immigrant communities and policies.

For the project, the Center contacted experts in media effects, solutions journalism, message design and other disciplines to conduct a content design experiment that informed the findings.

| For a summary of the Center’s findings, visit here. |

The findings indicate that there is insufficient coverage of North Carolina immigrant communities, that stories don’t focus on all immigrant communities, and stories that are integrated into other coverage tend to be more relatable to a broader audience.

According to the authors, “More than ever, news media play a crucial role in providing the nation with strong, accurate, and culturally sensitive coverage of immigration. Without consistent reporting on growing immigrant populations, local newsrooms are abdicating their responsibility to cover their region accurately and comprehensively — and are squandering a key growth opportunity to bring in new audiences, subscriptions and advertising.”

The project was led by Center Director of Research Annie Neimand and Research Associate Jack Barry, with assistance from Center Director Ann Christiano, Director of Trainings and Programs Ellen Nodine and Managing Director Matt Sheehan.

UFCJC faculty who contributed include Advertising Assistant Professor Juliana Fernandes, Professional Master’s Program Director and Advertising Lecturer Elizabeth Calienes, Journalism Assistant Professor Rachel Grant, Journalism Professor Kim Walsh-Childers and Journalism Associate Professor Frank Waddell.

Posted: November 9, 2022
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