Graduate Student Directory

Benjamin Lynn

Media Production, Management, and Technology


I research and teach live remote sports productions. I have twenty years of experience as a network television camera operator and four years of experience teaching undergraduate students television production skills.



Refereed Journal Articles

Huang, Q., Lynn, B., Dong, C., Ni, S., & Men, L. R. (2022). Relationship cultivation via social media during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from China and the U.S. International Journal of Business Communication, 1-31. DOI: 10.1177/23294884211067805


Lynn, B., & Coche, R. (2022). Camera movements as nonverbal communication: An adaptation of Heider and Simmel (1944). Paper/Poster at Broadcast Education Association, Las Vegas, NV.



Mass Communication - Sports Broadcasts

Professional Interests

My professional interests include organizational decisions that effect live remote sports productions, organizational leadership communication (both internal and external), and pedagogical practices and how we effectively transfer knowledge to others.

My main methodological approaches are experiments, surveys, and content analysis, all through a quantitative lens.