Community + Culture Committee

About the Committee

The Community + Culture Committee is comprised of elected and volunteer members of CJC faculty, staff and students. The Committee is working to ensure that the College becomes a preeminent institution on matters of community and belonging at all levels of activities – from outreach programs to pre-undergrads, to a pluralistic representation among students in our bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs, from the recruitment and retention of world-class faculty and staff, to the content and voices represented on our media properties serving communities in North Florida.

The group works as advocates toward an inclusive and equitable environment in the service of living up to the goals stated above.


  • Promote the community values toward building a culture of belonging and engagement in all activities and programs of the College.
  • Ensure the CJC is in compliance with Standard 4 of the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications, which states: “The unit demonstrates it has a diverse and inclusive program that embodies domestic and global diversity and that empowers those traditionally disenfranchised in society, especially as grounded in race, ethnicity, gender, ability and sexual orientation.”
  • Monitor strategic and institutional effectiveness in achieving our goals in the areas above and help ensure that these efforts undergo ongoing review in a timely manner. The committee will manage the accreditation program’s required “written diversity plan” that is “implemented and discussed annually, for achieving an inclusive curriculum, a diverse, culturally proficient faculty, staff and student population, and a supportive climate for working and learning and for assessing progress toward achievement of the plan.”
  • Make recommendations to the CJC administration, the CJC’s C.A.R.E. Network Liaison, and other College departments and committees regarding strategies, tactics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Identify challenges to College and University goals in areas including those enumerated in Standard 4: curriculum and teaching; public engagement, immersion venues and programs; career readiness; and student, faculty and staff recruitment. Advocate for the implementation of these recommendations.
  • Solicit suggestions from faculty, staff and students regarding programs or strategies and tactics to address an “inclusive climate, free of harassment and all forms of discrimination, in keeping with the acceptable cultural practices of the population it serves, accommodates the needs of those with disabilities, and values the contributions of all forms of diversity. (Standard 4(e))”
  • The committee shall comply with Fla. Stat. 1004.06 and corresponding State University System of Florida Board of Governors regulations.

Community and Care Committee Members


Student Members

  • Lee Ann Anderson — Student representative
  • Ashley Bernard-Cabrera — Student representative

Faculty, Staff and Administration Members