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J. Robyn Goodman, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
Associate Professor - Department of Advertising

Office: 2088 Weimer Phone: 352-392-4046 Email:


Goodman earned her Ph.D. at the University of Texas in 2000. Her dissertation was “Mirroring Mediated Images of Women: How Media Images of Thin Women Influence Eating Disorder-Related Behaviors and Women’s Negotiations of These Images.” She received her M.A. in mass communications at the University of Texas and a B.J. in magazine journalism at the University of Missouri.

Prior to graduate school, she was a sports reporter and later on a feature page and Sunday magazine designer at the Columbia Missourian. After leaving Missouri, she worked as an advertising graphic designer at the Iowa City Press-Citizen. In 1995, she entered graduate school while also working in public relations at the Texas Petroleum and Convenience Store Association and soon after as a freelance graphic designer and public relations consultant on several projects including a Lawrence Erlbaum book cover and printed materials for the American Society of Civil Engineers. Her work with Fox Sports has earned her several bronze Tellys and a silver regional Addy.

She has been recognized and received awards for her scholastic work and teaching including a university fellowship that is awarded to the top 5 continuing doctoral students at the University of Texas, top conference papers from ICA, AEJMC, and AMHCR, and the International Communication Association’s award for excellence in teaching by a graduate student. Her work is published in Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Visual Communication Quarterly, and Public Understanding of Science.  She also has multiple book chapters.

She teaches Copywriting and Visualization and Advanced Creative at the undergraduate level.  Graduate courses include Advertising Research Methods and Visual Communication Theory and Method.

Her research interests are visual communication and health communications.  Her current research looks at health communication with low income and minority audiences, media and cosmetic surgery, and emotional responses to beauty types in advertising.


Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 2000
M.A., University of Texas at Austin
B.J., University of Missouri



“The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful: How Gender is Represented on Reality Television”  (2014). Adriane Jewett & J. Robyn Goodman, Chp. in C. Armstrong (ed.) The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful: How Gender is Represented on Reality Television

“Perfect Bodies, Imperfect Messages: The Media’s Coverage of Cosmetic Surgery and Ideal Beauty,” (in press).
Chp. in Steiner, Carter & McLaughlin (eds.) Routledge Companion on Media and Gender

“Barometer for beauty: How cosmetic surgery websites define and visualize ‘what is beautiful’,” (in press)
J. Robyn Goodman and Eun Soo Rhee
Visual Communication Quarterly

“Emotional Response to Beauty in Advertising,” 2010
Book chapter for Topical Issues of Advertising: Theory and Practice issued by the Department of Design and Advertising, Tambov State University (Russia).

“Is Beauty a Joy Forever? Young Women’s Emotional Responses to Varying Types of Beautiful Advertising Models,” 2008
J. Robyn Goodman, Jon D. Morris, John C. Sutherland
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, vol. 85 (1), p. 147-168

“Beneficial or Biohazard?: How the Media Frame Biosolids. Public Understanding of Science.” Public Understanding of Science, vol. 15 (3)

“Mapping the Sea of Eating Disorders: A Structural Equation Model of How Peers, Family and Media Influence Body Image and Eating Disorders” (in press), Visual Communication Quarterly, vol 12 (3-4)


Dr. Goodman’s research inquires into the way mass mediated gender messages, in particular visuals messages, influence individual and societal views of women, as well as how women read and incorporate these messages into their everyday view of the world. She also looks at how to communicate health messages with hard to reach audiences including minorities and low income individuals.

Research Keywords

health communication, people of color, beauty, visual communication, qualitative research, quantitative research, womens health, health communication, influence (psychology),cosmetic surgery.

Research Areas

  • Gender Issues/Media Content and Gender Studies
  • Health and Science Communication
  • Visual Communication


Syllabi from the current and three previous semesters: