What is Public Interest Communications?

Strategic Communications for Social Change

Public interest communications is an emerging field that uses strategic communications grounded in research and science to achieve sustained and positive social change in areas ranging from climate change and racial justice to health care access and housing policy. It borrows from its sister fields of public relations, advertising, journalism and marketing and is informed by sociology, psychology, neuroscience and political science.

The issues to which public interest communications is applied transcend the interests of any single organization. The idea is to create lasting change by going beyond just raising awareness to motivating people to effect positive societal change.

Why Should I Pursue Public Interest Communications?

Public interest communications is needed now more than ever. Be one of a new generation of students representing an array of cultures and voices, and equipped with public interest communications and research skills that you can use to effect positive social change in the world.

Public interest communications is a rewarding field for anyone who wants to help make a positive difference in the world. Do you see a broad societal problem? You can apply public interest communications to help solve it. Careers range from being a communications director at a nonprofit organization or a media relations officer at a foundation to being an account executive at a strategic communications firm.