We offer both graduate- and undergraduate-level coursework in public interest communications.


Online Master of Arts in Mass Communication with a specialization in Public Interest Communication

This first-of-its-kind program is designed to produce graduates who can use strategic communications to drive social change. Students conduct research, develop strategic communications campaigns and devise detailed program management plans. Learn more here.

Graduate Certificate in Global Strategic Communication

The Global Strategic Communication graduate certificate offers students a way to learn skills and gain insight into solving global problems. Learn more here.


The Public Relations Department now offers a Public Interest Communications Track for those undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in this field. Public interest communications classes, which are designed to introduce students to the discipline, include:

    • Public Interest Communications (PUR 4442), a three-credit class that introduces students to core concepts and shows them how to apply strategic, science-based communications to effect positive social change.
    • Global Social Change (PUR 4443), a three-credit course that explores how organizations, movements and leaders around the world use communications to build power and drive change.
    • Nonprofits: A Communicator’s Perspective (PUR 4932), a one-credit class that explores how a nonprofit works – and the roles of those who work there – from a communicator’s point of view.
    • Public Interest Communications Campaigns (PUR 4802):  A three-credit capstone course in which students apply public interest communications concepts and frameworks to a campaign for a real public interest organization.