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Study: Humanlike Attributes for Artificial Intelligence Influencers Can Have a Positive Impact on Consumers’ Message Reception

A new study has found that artificial intelligence (AI) influencers’ humanlike appearances have a positive impact on consumers’ receptivity. The findings by Yang Feng, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications (UFCJC) Advertising associate professor, UFCJC Advertising Associate Professor and Department Chair Huan Chen and Southern Methodist University Assistant Professor Quan Xie were featured in “AI Influencers in Advertising: The Role of AI Influencer-Related Attributes in Shaping Consumer Attitudes, Consumer Trust, and Perceived Influencer-Product Fit” published in the Journal of Interactive Advertising on Dec. 19.

According to the authors, “The purpose of this research is to develop a AI influencer attributes scale which consists of key measures of AI influencers’ perceived attributes, as well as to unveil the relationship between each attribute and consumers’ acceptance of AI influencers as product/brand endorsers. This research reveals six key attributes that affect consumers’ acceptance of AI influencers as product/brand endorsers, namely, anthropomorphism, attractiveness, luminary, quality, trendiness, and robophobia.”

They add, “The perceived trendiness of an AI influencer can amplify its acceptance, making consumers more receptive to its messages. Yet robophobia, or the inherent fear of AI, serves as a reminder that while leveraging AI influencers, brands must be sensitive to potential reservations. Armed with this knowledge, brands can tailor their AI influencer strategies, enhancing genuine two-way interactions with their audience.”

Posted: December 19, 2023
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