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Sylvia Chan-Olmsted and Amy Jo Coffey Will Present Research at European Media Management Association Conference

Research from University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications scholars Sylvia Chan-Olmsted and Amy Jo Coffey will be presented at the European Media Management Association (EMMA) conference being held June 7-9 in Pamplona, Spain. The theme of this year’s conference is “Perspectives on Media Trust.”

Amy Jo Coffey
Amy Jo Coffey
Sylvia Chan-Olmsted
Sylvia Chan-Olmsted

Chan-Olmsted, Media Production, Management, and Technology (MPMT) professor and director of media consumer research, has two research papers being presented: “Assessing Audience Trust of News Organizations in developing countries: The Case of Egypt,” with colleague Rasha Allam, and “Towards the Measurement of Consumer Trust in Media Brands – Scale Development and Validation,” with colleagues Allam, Steffen Heim, Claudia Fantapié Altobelli, Michael Fretschner and Lisa-Charlotte Wolter.

Coffey, MPMT associate professor, will be presenting “The Audience Ownership Model: How Sport Could Save Local Journalism.”

EMMA is an international not-for-profit academic organization that was founded in 2003 to support growth in media management research, scholarship and practice throughout Europe and around the world.

Posted: May 26, 2023
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