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Kasey Windels, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor - Department of Advertising

Office: 3059 Weimer Phone: 352-294-1398 Email: Twitter: @windels


Kasey Windels is an assistant professor of advertising at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication.

Before joining UF in 2018, Windels was an associate professor of digital advertising at Louisiana State University. Prior to LSU, she was an assistant professor at DePaul University.

Her research interests center on the advertising agency itself, with a specific interest on creativity within the advertising agency. One stream of research examines why there are so few women in creative roles within advertising agencies, while another examines the social and environmental factors that influence creativity within the advertising agency. Windels has earned five research awards in her career, including best article of the year for both a journal and a major advertising conference. Further, a statistic from her research on who gets credited for work featured in the Communication Arts Advertising Annual was used to name the 3% Conference, an annual conference dedicated to supporting more female creative leadership in advertising agencies.


Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin
M.A., University of Texas, Austin
B.A.,  Louisiana State University



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Windels examines the advertising industry in her research. She is interested in how agencies can encourage employee creativity, how agencies can develop a more inclusive environment for women and people of color, and how the industry’s current culture and demographic makeup contributes to stereotypical representations in advertisements. Her latest research looks at the new roles and positions advertising agencies have adopted to keep up with a complex and ever-expanding digital media environment.


Syllabi from the current and three previous semesters: