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Study: User Understanding Can Lead to a Positive Attitude Toward AI-Enabled Technologies

A new study has found that perceived AI ethics can play a vital role in mediating between self-efficacy and technological factors and lead to a more positive attitude toward AI technologies.

The findings by Seungahn Nah, Dianne Snedaker Chair in Media Trust and research director for the Consortium on Trust in Media and Technology at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications (UFCJC), Marquette University Assistant Professor Chun Shao, Heidi Makady, Ph.D. 2023, and UFCJC Media Production, Management and Technology Associate Professor Jasmine McNealy are featured in “Understanding User Attitudes Towards Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Enabled Technologies: An Integrated Model of Self Efficacy, TAM, and AI Ethics” published in the International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction on April 4.

The authors examined the combined influence of self-efficacy, AI ethics and technological factors on users’ attitudes toward the use of AI technologies. They used an integrated theoretical model that combined self-efficacy theory and the technology acceptance model to test the multistage process of determining users’ attitudes toward the use of AI technologies.

Posted: April 8, 2024
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