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Seungahn Nah Edits Comprehensive Handbook Exploring the Intersection Between AI and Communication

Seungahn Nah

Seungahn Nah, Dianne Snedaker Chair in Media Trust and research director for the Consortium on Trust in Media and Technology at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications (UFCJC), is the editor of  the Research Handbook on Artificial Intelligence and Communication. The Handbook is a collection of studies from more than 50 leading international scholars from various fields regarding the intersection between AI and communication from interdisciplinary and international perspectives.

The 25 chapters discuss a wide range of theoretical foundations, innovative methodological approaches, and ethical and legal issues for policy implications.  Contributors come from a variety of disciplines, such as communication, journal­ism, computer science, sociology, psychology, business, and education among others.

Three other UFCJC faculty and two doctoral students contributed research articles for the publication.

The Handbook spans a wide area of topics related to AI-empowered, immersed, mediated, and integrated communications. These range from the role of news media and digital communication platforms in constructing, representing, and framing AI across different countries and cultures, to the public understanding of, attitude towards, and interaction with AI and its related technologies.

The Handbook consists of five parts. The first part lays out the foundation for scholarly AI and communication, providing conceptual definitions, theoretical frameworks, and analytical innovations. The second part covers news and public framing of AI, while the third part examines public understanding of AI. The fourth part investigates public interaction with AI, and the fifth part explores AI ethics, law, and its related policy issues.


Posted: November 27, 2023
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