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Three CJC Faculty Named to the UF Top Ten Most Loved Professors List

Moni Basu, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications Michael and Linda Connelly Lecturer for Narrative Nonfiction, Mike Foley, CJC Journalism master lecturer and Hugh Cunningham Professor in Journalism Excellence, and Advertising Lecturer Dan Windels were featured in “10 Most-Loved Professors at the University of Florida” published in College Magazine on Oct. 5.

The article, written by Journalism junior Melissa Hernandez de la Cruz, compiled a list of the top 10 UF faculty rating them on their personality, teaching ability and if the classroom experience left a lasting and positive imprint on students.

Basu received the top position for the “intrinsic emotional journey” she offers students in her magazine and feature writing class.

Moni Basu

According to Hernandez de la Cruz, “Her ability to express self-awareness and self-reflection ease the way into your first assignment: personal essay. Although usually a small class, Basu touches each student’s heart, helping them find their voice. She dislikes adverbs and adjectives because she believes there are countless ways to describes things beyond a simple word.”

Mike Foley
Mike Foley

Foley received the number three position on the list. The author referred to him as a “living legend of the Department of Journalism at UF, who dawns khaki shorts, grammar-related T-shirts and a hidden Gator tattoo.” She claims that his 50-point fact errors and failing grades can result in PTSD for the students, but they learn from their mistakes and leave reporting boot camp ready to take on any journalistic task.

Dan Windels

Windels, a lead brand strategist and market researcher turned lecturer, received the eighth spot on the list for his passion for advertising and his service as faculty advisor for The Agency.  “Going to his class never feels like a chore,” said UF junior Gina Marchini.

Posted: October 7, 2020
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