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Noura Ibrahim



Noura Ibrahim is a doctoral student in the Department of Advertising at the University of Florida. Her research interests include digital marketing, public relations and third culture kids. She earned her BS in Communication at Northwestern University and her Masters in Communication at the University of Florida. She was the recipient of CJC’s Outstanding Master's Student Award in 2021.



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Ibrahim, N., Mueller, S., Windels, K., Champlin, S., Karl, S., & Pharr, B. (2024). Greater than the Sum of Parts: An Examination of the Intersectionality between Gender and Race/Ethnicity in Today’s Advertising Agencies. Oral Presentation at Annual Conference of the American Academy of Advertising Conference, Portland, OR.

Windels, K., & Ibrahim, N. (2023). Invisible and Unpaid Labors: The Advertising Industry’s Race and Ethnicity Problems. at Annual Conference of the American Academy of Advertising Conference, Denver, CO.

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