Graduate Student Directory

Ernest Makata

International/Intercultural Communication


I am from Nigeria and the first of 6 siblings (5 boys and one girl). My undergraduate background is in Philosophy and Theology. I obtained my M.Sc. in International and Intercultural Communication from St. John's University, New York.



Ezeh Aruah, D., Madu, M., & Makata, E. (2022). Nigerian feminists and the practice of African feminism on Facebook: What issues are the most troubling issues?. Paper/Poster at 72nd Annual International Communication Association Conference, Paris, France.



International and Intercultural Communication

Professional Interests

1. Blogs and Social Media as democratization instruments and Social (digital) activism in the modern African society.

2. Cultural identity, conflict management, power dynamics and social media behaviors among African social media users

3. Critical/Cultural perspective; Qualitative Research method, Mixed methods; Discourse Analysis, Textual Analysis