Teaching Resources for UF Faculty

New Faculty Advice: http://handbook.aa.ufl.edu/resources/new-faculty-advice/

Tips for New Faculty: http://handbook.aa.ufl.edu/resources/

UF’s Office of Faculty Development and Teaching Excellence is dedicated to keeping faculty and teaching assistants connected and informed in order to strengthen teaching share resources and maximize learning.  The Office offers services such as Teaching Strategy Consultation and Quality Assurance Online Course Reviews: http://teach.ufl.edu/services/

Best Practices for Teaching and Learning – The FDTE Office also offers dozens of guides that offer help on a variety of subjects such as Academic Integrity, Motivating Students, Inclusivity in the Classroom, Lectures, Team-Based Learning, Visual Communication and much more: http://teach.ufl.edu/guides/

The FDTE Office’s Learn and Connect Services include sponsored events for faculty, staff and teaching assistants.  Several conferences, workshops and online teaching workshops are offered throughout the year: http://teach.ufl.edu/connectandlearn/

The FDTE Beyond the Podium Podcast series provides discussion of quality learning strategies from colleagues across campus: http://teach.ufl.edu/beyondthepodium/

FDTE has also a video library that includes interviews with award-winning faculty at UF, panel discussions, examples of online education awards and more: http://teach.ufl.edu/library/

FDTE offers a First Year Faculty Teaching Academy.  New faculty can register for this workshop series: http://teach.ufl.edu/firstyearfacultyteachingacademy/

UF offers Foundations of Great Teaching for adjunct faculty. This online workshop assists new adjunct faculty with course preparation and teaching through peer-reviewed research and proven best practices. You can select the online modules and resources that best meet your needs. https://ufl.instructure.com/courses/341114

UF offers a Tool Box service that offers a selection of articles and resources on topics ranging from online learning basics to student engagement: http://citt.ufl.edu/tool-box/

UF offers a Teaching Assistant Handbook that can be found here: https://teachingcenter.ufl.edu/files/TA_Handbook_2017-18.pdf

What Best College Teachers Do, by Ken Bain, President of the Best Teachers Institute, is a helpful read. It describes successful practices and useful strategies for teachers in any department. Close to 100 teachers were interviewed and the results were compiled into a book that lists the most effective methods for student learning and the activities that promote success. UF provides to book to faculty members who complete the First Year Faculty Teaching Academy. It can also be purchased on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/What-Best-College-Teachers-Do/dp/0674013255