Media Production, Management, and Technology


A Media Production, Management, and Technology provides a wide range of skills and prepares you for a career in a variety of fields, including:

Digital Film and Television Production

This track prepares students for careers in program creation, writing and creative applications of video and audio technology. These can include equipment operation, directing, writing, podcasting, and producing.

Management and Strategy

With this track, students are prepared to enter the profession through positions in research, sales, and marketing and promotion. Students also work in technology areas, including content creation; legal, policy, and ethical issues for interactive video and mobile media; artificial intelligence; and human-machine communication.

Media and Society

This track prepares students to work in media organizations and those organizations that use media in diverse and global environments, such as political campaigns, government, education and business.

What You Can Do With a CJC Media Production, Management, And Technology Degree

Among the careers you can pursue are:

  • Program development
  • Radio and podcast production
  • Sports production
  • Video production
  • Post production
  • Screenwriting
  • Audience research and analytics
  • App development, interactive media, human-machine communication
  • Media economics and management

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