Equipment Requirements Equipment Requirements

Please see the college-wide equipment requirements.

Each student majoring in Public Relations will be required to own the following equipment and software on the first day of the semester in which the student is enrolled. Students are required to keep this equipment in good working order. Those courses include (but are not limited to):

  • PUR 3500 Public Relations Research
  • PUR 4800 Public Relations Campaigns
  • JOU 3109c Multimedia Writing
  • JOU 3101 Reporting
  • JOU 3346L Multimedia Reporting
  • VIC 3001 Sight, Sound, Motion


Have either a Macintosh or Windows laptop computer of sufficient power to run Adobe Premiere Pro and SPSS. Any current Apple laptop works fine, as do most mid-range Windows laptops and above. However, neither a Chromebook nor a tablet (such as an iPad) is sufficient.

A smartphone with at least 720p video capture and access to audio and video recording apps will be fine for most students. If you want to be good at photo or video, you will need at least a DSLR with video capabilities and an external microphone. Check with your professors if you want more specific advice.


Some software is available for free or at a steep student discount through UF Apps. Please inquire with UF Apps before making software purchases.

  • Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Excel (latest version)
  • Adobe CS Design Premium (latest version)
  • Audacity (free audio editing software)
  • SPSS (latest version)