Internships Internships

Importance of Internships

An internship is an important part of career preparation. Your internship should be used to help you identify a career path in advertising, to gain experience and expertise in what you already like to do, to determine the skill level you need to develop to be successful after graduation, and to build your resume with this advertising experience.

Although an internship is not required for graduation, the Department of Advertising strongly urges students to obtain work experience through at least one or, if possible, two internships. Internship credit counts toward the department’s professional-electives requirement and allows sponsoring organizations to comply with federal work policies.

Internship Information Packet and Application Forms

Students may enroll in ADV 4940, Advertising Internship, for one credit hour, two credit hours, or three credit hours with 65 hours of service required for each credit hour. One credit hour requires 65 hours of work. Two credit hours require 130 hours of work. Three credit hours require 195 hours of work. Students must serve on their internships for a minimum of six consecutive weeks working a minimum of three days within each week. Students must plan their weeks around holidays (e.g., Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Spring Break, July 4th, etc.). Internships requiring students to work more than 40 hours a week will not be approved.

For application and further information, click here to download Internship Information Packet and Application Forms.

Steps for Securing an Internship

To secure and complete an internship, here are the steps you should follow:

    1. Determine if you are qualified to enroll. Prior approval of the advertising internship coordinator is required before starting the internship. Credit willnot be awarded for work that a student completes prior to approval of the internship. To be approved, a student must be a junior or senior and majoring in Advertising who has earned a 2.50 or higher overall GPA, earned a 2.50 or higher professional GPA, and completed specialized coursework in advertising appropriate to the internship. At a minimum, the specialized courses include MAR 3023, ADV 3008, and at least one other course relevant to the internship.
    2. Find a potential internship sponsor. Review the entire internship packet and carefully consider your personal objectives. To identify good matches for your interests, monitor various sources of information on internships within the College, including the career and internships database, email announcements and bulletin boards in Weimer Hall. Students may not receive internship credit working for themselves or another student, a sponsor with whom the student is currently employed (unless the internship duties are completely different from normal duties and in addition to normal work hours), student-run organizations, family, a faculty member, or the same internship sponsor for repeated credit across semesters (unless there is a complete change in the internship duties to be performed).
    3. Contact the sponsors and arrange an interview as soon as possible. Internships are competitive! Be prepared to present yourself in a convincing manner. Present your resume and, if appropriate, a portfolio of your work. You may want to take a copy of these internship requirements to answer questions your sponsor may have (see “Requirements for Sponsoring Organization”). Also, take a copy of the “Letter of Acceptance” and have your sponsor complete it if you are selected.
    4. Complete the Advertising Internship Application, including the letter of acknowledgement certifying that you have read and understood all internship requirements. Deliver the completed form to the Department of Advertising for approval. A completed application includes: (1) Advertising Internship Application, including your signature; (2) Letter of Acknowledgementincluding your signature; (3) Letter of Acceptance including your supervisor’s signature. A PDF of the letter of acceptance is acceptable provided it includes a signature, and we receive an original.
    5. Once your application is approved, the Department of Advertising will notify you of the terms of your internship via email. You must respond, as directed, to that email before you can be added to the course. To avoid a late registration fee, students must be enrolled for an internship before the end of regular registration for the appropriate semester. Typically, this deadline is 5:00 p.m. of the Friday prior to drop/add. The Department of Advertising will not request waiver of late fees on behalf of students who have not submitted their application with sufficient time for approval of the internship and departmental registration of the student