Advertising Careers

The education you receive and skills you develop as an advertising major will provide a world of opportunities for you at graduation. Our graduates have pursued a wide range of careers, from account executives, creative directors and media planners, to social media managers, film producers and media executives.

Our Advertising Track and Persuasive Messaging Track allows you to customize your educational experience and set you on a path to achieve your career goals at graduation. Here are some of our notable alumni and the careers they pursued:

  • Neisha Tweed Bell, Facebook’s Global Head of Inclusive Content & Experience, Creative Shop
  • Kirsten Flanik, President and CEO, BBDO New York
  • Scott Hagedorn, CEO, Omnicom Media Group North America
  • Jim Jenkins, Founding Director, O Positive Films
  • Darrell Hammond, former Prime Time Player, Saturday Night Live
  • Cliff Marks, former President, National CineMedia

The CJC Office of Careers and Corporate Partnerships is focused on connecting you with top employers for internships and job opportunities, arranging mentorships with CJC alumni, and providing career preparation resources. For additional resources, visit:


An internship is an important part of career preparation. Your internship should be used to help you identify a career path in advertising, to gain experience and expertise in what you already like to do, to determine the skill level you need to develop to be successful after graduation, and to build your resume with this advertising experience.

Although an internship is not required for graduation, the Department of Advertising strongly urges students to obtain work experience through at least one or, if possible, two or more internships. Internship credit counts toward the department’s professional-electives requirement and allows sponsoring organizations to comply with federal work policies.

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