Combination Degree

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Qualify to Apply for a Combination Degree?

To apply for the UF CJC Combination Degree program, you must:

  • Be designated as a junior or senior student at the University of Florida
  • Have completed the equivalent of at least one full-time semester (12 credits) at UF
  • Have at least 5 elective credits available
  • Plan to apply to the CJC MAMC program before completing your undergraduate degree
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.7, then maintain at least a 3.0 GPA during the program
  • Write a brief Statement of Goals

Note that eligibility does not guarantee acceptance, and the College of Journalism and Communications reserves the right to approve or deny applications.

When Can Transfer Students Apply to the Combination Degree?

Students must have completed at least the equivalent of one full-time semester at UF before applying to the Combination Degree. Transfer students are encouraged to discuss the Combination Degree with their undergraduate advisor as early as possible, to preserve the necessary elective requirements to participate in the program.

How Do I Apply?

  1. To apply for the UF CJC Combination Degree program, you must first fill out a UF CJC Combination Degree Eligibility form and have it signed by your undergraduate advisor.
  2. Once signed, you will need to make an appointment with the CJC combination degree advisor to discuss the next steps. A complete combination degree application consists of:
    • Eligibility form
    • Statement of goals
    • Request form
    • Memorandum of Understanding

These items will be discussed in more detail during your appointment with the combination degree advisor.

How Do I Stay Enrolled?

Students must receive a grade of B or higher in each course and maintain a GPA of at least a 3.0. Students are also responsible for leaving space on their degree audit for graduate-level classes. If at any point, you feel stressed or overwhelmed, please reach out to the CJC combination degree advisor.

What Financial Considerations Are There?

There are a number of financial considerations you should keep in mind. You are responsible for paying the difference between undergraduate and graduate tuition amounts. Florida Prepaid College Tuition and Bright Futures programs may cover a portion of your tuition in the combination program while you are an undergraduate student.  Other financial assistance may be available to cover the remaining balance. Please contact your Student Financial Aid advisor for more information.

What Are the Advantages of Our Combination Degrees?

  • Qualified students can obtain an undergraduate and a graduate degree with less time than two separate degrees.
  • The cost of both degrees is reduced since up to 12 credits apply toward both degrees.
  • Your marketability is greatly enhanced; many professions now require a master’s degree for entry-level positions.

At what point in the undergraduate program should I apply?

You can apply as early as the second semester of your sophomore year or as late as your senior year. However, we recommend planning ahead with your undergraduate advisor since you’ll need available credits in order to be a part of the program.

At what point do I enroll in graduate courses?

If approved, you can take graduate courses during your junior and senior years.

What is required for approval?

As an undergraduate applying for entry into a combination degree program, you must have a minimum cumulative 3.2 UF GPA, meet all other eligibility requirements, and obtain approval from your undergraduate program and the CJC graduate division to enroll in graduate coursework while you are completing your undergraduate degree. Once you apply for admission to the Graduate School,  you must meet the admission standards required by the Master of Arts in Mass Communication (MAMC) program.

What is required so that my graduate coursework can also count toward my master’s degree?

Graduate classes must be counted towards your undergraduate degree requirements for them to also count towards your graduate degree credit. In addition, you must be admitted to the Graduate School and receive a grade of B or higher in each course.

Note that courses taken through the combination degree program can only be applied to the College of Journalism and Communications’ MAMC program, not toward certificate programs.

Why would I want to pay additional tuition to enroll in graduate courses?

If you continue to graduate school, you will save on the tuition costs for the graduate credits you take while you are still classified as an undergraduate. Remember that graduate course costs may be partially paid by your undergraduate financial aid.

How do I register for these graduate classes?

This depends on the concentration you choose. If you are in the online program, your graduate advisor will contact you before the semester begins to register you for the course(s). If you are in the on campus program, you must contact your graduate advisor before the semester begins to request to be registered for the course(s), some of which you may be able to register yourself for in ONE.UF.

Note that you must be approved for the CJC Combination Degree before registering for graduate-level courses.

How many combination degree courses can I take per semester?

Combination degree students may take 1-2 graduate-level courses per semester. It is recommended that students contact the CJC combination degree advisor early on in their degree to plan out this course progression.

How many MAMC concentrations can I choose?

Students must select one MAMC concentration to pursue during their studies. Students can meet with the CJC Combination Degree Advisor to learn more about these options. Students are also encouraged to explore the resources offered by the CJC Career Community and connect with the CJC’s Career Connections Center liaison for additional guidance on aligning their graduate education pursuits with their career goals.

When should I apply to the MAMC program?

Combination degree students should discuss when to apply to the MAMC program with the CJC combination degree advisor and note it on their eligibility form. Typically, students should apply to the MAMC prior to graduating from their undergraduate program. There may be a gap of no more than two semesters between when a student completes their undergraduate degree and when they begin the graduate program.

See the How to Apply page for a list of MAMC application deadlines for approved combination degree students.

How do I apply to the MAMC program?

Click the links below for a full explanation of the admissions process based on your chosen concentration.

On Campus Program

Online Program

How long will it take me to finish the MAMC degree after graduating from my bachelor’s program?

Former combination degree students can complete the MAMC program in a minimum of 3-4 semesters once they’re enrolled as graduate students. Many take longer, but the progression of courses is not designed to be completed any earlier. When you meet with the CJC combination degree advisor, you can discuss your timeline to complete the MAMC program in greater detail.