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Janet Coats Comments on the Use of Generative AI by Media Outlets

Janet Coats, managing director of the University of Florida’s Consortium on Trust in Media and Technology, is featured in the video “ChatGPT and Media: A Conversation with Janet Coats,” part of a Building an Artificial Intelligence (AI) University discussion hosted by the UF AI2Center.

In the video, Coats says she has been experimenting with ChatGPT and she is amazed how it brings ideas to the surface that she would not have thought of before. She believes it could hold great promise for positive uses of generative AI.

According to Coats, “The technology and the ethics need to be embedded in each other from the beginning. Machine learning is not new to journalism, [news organizations] have been using it to do very simple tasks. The biggest issue is transparency. How do you know where this material came from? What generated it?

“Journalists are talking about publishing their prompts when they use generative AI so you can see what was said into the machine, which I think is an interesting and important take,” said Coats. “People [would be] able to evaluate exactly what you were doing and it could increase transparency.”

Posted: December 13, 2023
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